A monthly meetup was organized on 4th March 2016 at KFC,Arcot Road. The topics discussed during the meetup were :- Passwords An Intro to Batch Programming Internet of Things 1.Passwords: We all use internet to communicate to as much as people possible and at the same time we can also communicate with a few ones […]

Hello Web Campaign

Let’s give something back to the school…. Hello Web is an initiative to teach the web to the students of various schools around India. Events were conducted in various cities of India . Events were conducted in Kolkata by Arkodyuti Saha and team and I conducted a event in Surat for the students of 10th […]

Monthly Meet (FSA)-CHiPSET

A monthly meet was conducted by CHiPSET and over 35 people attended this meet. Just by  looking at the number of people ready to get involved with communities was an scene soothing to our eyes. This made us realize that we are making progress to spread our message. The meet was to discuss about “Open […]

iNFOCUS’15 (The Big Leap)

“I don’t look to jump over 7-foot bars. I look for 1-foot bars that I can step over.” – Warren Buffet The quote above is the one which keeps me motivated on how my small initiatives on promoting Open Web , spreading my knowledge and being part of something bigger. This was my first large […]

Hi there Mozilla!!

teXus : July 4,2015 After GD 1.0 of CHiPSET now I have become an official member of the club. This was an event conducted by CHiPSET. CHiPSET has collaborated with communities like Mozilla , Scrollback and GDG. And yes this was the beginning of my involvement into Mozilla Community. This event consisted  170 enthusiast who […]

Drive down the Memory Lane

The secret of getting ahead is getting started! It  had been a couple of days hearing about a formation of new club in our college but the only fact I was thinking regarding the club was how could this new club would be different from the prior existing clubs. The guys who were forming this […]